Add new orders

Set up orders on behalf of your customers, so you can process all of your orders in HospoConnect. You can also add orders for customers who don't use HospoConnect.

Add an order on behalf of a customer

  • On the Orders page, click Add order at the top right.
  • Select the customer you are ordering for, or create a new customer profile (see below).
  • Add products to the order by clicking Add and entering the correct quantity and unit.
  • If you toggle on Show all products, inactive products will be shown, as well as any products which have been hidden from this customer using the "Who can see this product" field when editing a product.
  • Click Review order.
  • Select a delivery date.
  • You can optionally add an order message or specific notes for a product. Customers will be able to see these messages or notes if they view the order on their app. You will also see these notes on packings slips and pick sheets.
  • Click Complete order. All done! You should now be able to see this order in your orders list (unless you have filters selected which would hide it).

Create a new customer profile (‘unlinked’ customers)

  • When adding a new order (see above), select the Someone new instead of selecting a customer’s name.
  • Fill out the customer’s profile. The Company Name field is the only field required, but you can also optionally include their Email and a Customer Note.
  • Click Next. The customer profile is now added to your Customers. You can choose to continue with the Add Order flow to add an order on behalf of this new customer, or you can close the Add Order window by clicking the X icon at the top right – the new customer profile is saved either way.
Add new orders