Export service

Taking NZ food & beverage to the world.

We've launched a new Export Service to connect NZ suppliers with international buyers. Register your interest and we'll be in touch.

How it works

We’ve launched a food & beverage export service, made to suit your needs.

Freight & logistics
Reducing the cost of export

By combining multiple suppliers’ shipments, we significantly reduce the export, documentation & freight costs for suppliers. This is particularly valuable for suppliers who do not fill whole shipping containers themselves. This service is also valuable to established exporters looking to reduce their costs.

International sales team
Selling NZ food & beverage to the world

Our export sales team locates buyers in international markets and introduces them to NZ suppliers. This service saves these suppliers from doing the heavy-lifting of sourcing buyers in foreign countries, and lets them focus on producing their incredible products.

Our service is structured in a way which allows customers to use one or both parts of the service, depending on their specific needs.

Register your interest

Interested in exporting? Get in touch

If you’re curious about exporting, want to be introduced to international buyers, or you’re ready to reduce your exporting costs, send us your details.

We’ll be in touch about how you could join the next wave of NZ suppliers we take to the world.


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