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Save time & money, without losing your personal touch

Work in sync with your buyers, show them what products you’ve got available, and have confidence and certainty of what you need to deliver.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Saves us time and helps us communicate seasonal produce updates.”

Dev Patel

Sales Rep, Capital Produce

“Chefs really like ordering on HospoConnect because we simply don’t have errors with them. It gives me a clear dispatch list to fulfil all my orders correctly.”

James Thomas

Owner, New Zealand Cheese Ltd

“It’s made our life easier because it’s simple for our customers.”

Neville Thompson

Customer Service Manager, Pandoro Panetteria


Reduce errors and save time getting orders out the door.

Getting your orders online and in one place means clearer orders, and tracking as orders are fulfilled.

A smartphone app showing a list of fresh produce that can be ordered from ABC Produce.

Speedy invoicing in Xero, MYOB & Infusion

Create a draft invoice directly from an order with a single click.

Order fulfilment

Create production reports, pick sheets & packing slips.

Keep customers informed

Customers get notified when you’ve actioned an order, giving them peace of mind and helping you give better service – automatically.

Connect to your accounting software
“HospoConnect has saved us time, reduced mistakes and improved the accuracy of our deliveries, which is a win-win for our business and our customers.”

Vic Smith


Meat Direct


News feed
Promote your products directly to customers.

Dynamic product lists that change with the seasons or with the catch? Keep your customers informed, promote specials and stay top of mind with the only news feed in market.

Choose who sees what

Only show news posts to the customers you choose so you can tailor your communication.

Featured products

Include links to featured products within the news posts so customers can go directly from browsing to buying.

Personal touch

Answer customer questions about your products directly in the news feed, meaning you work smarter without losing your personal touch.

“Communication is the key to my business. HospoConnect is a powerful tool which allows me to update my customers of new seasonal produce and specials instantly from the market floor.”

Sanjay Dayal

Produce Specialist, SKD Consulting


Find new business without leaving your phone.

We’re a network of hospitality businesses, not just an ordering platform, so you’ll be discoverable to every customer.

App on a smartphone showing different food supplier companies.

Showcase your business

Get your business profile and products directly in front of buyers.

Tell your story

Who you are, the provenance of your products, and your environmental & sustainable practices.

Connect & sell

Connect with buyers online so they can start buying from you straight away.

“Being a passionate, hands-on Southland deer hunter means I have limited time to market and showcase my products. By having my business profile on HospoConnect I’ve picked up some new chefs that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.”

Callum Hughes

Owner Operator,

Fare Game


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