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More time in the kitchen, less time chasing suppliers

Work in sync with your suppliers, and get what you need, when you need it. It’s what Shaun Clouston from Logan Brown does.

Don’t just take our word for it

“Ordering on HospoConnect has made my life easier. The transition was very simple.”

Dan Fraser

Executive Chef, The Lindis Group

“A really efficient tool for monitoring staff ordering. The ability to connect directly with suppliers is invaluable.”

Julie Clark

Owner/Founder, Floriditas & Loretta

“I get inspiration from seeing what's in season and available on the news feed.”

Shaun Clouston

Owner/Chef, Logan Brown


Get better service from your suppliers by ordering online.

Suppliers who use HospoConnect are able to manage orders more efficiently, so not only is it easier for you and your staff to order, you get better service – and fewer mistakes – from your suppliers.

A smartphone app showing a list of fresh produce that can be ordered from ABC Produce.

Save Favourites

Make it easy to find the products you always buy by saving Favourites for each supplier.

Reorder a previous order

Have a repeating order? Reload a previous order you made.

Add notes & messages

Need to make something clear to your supplier? User product notes and messages to communicate directly on the order.

Company-wide visibility

See all orders from your staff to avoid ordering the same thing twice.

'Read, 3:32pm'

Get peace of mind knowing that suppliers have received and read your latest order.

Mobile app

Smarter than a clipboard, smaller than a laptop – order from inside the chiller on your phone.

“HospoConnect saves me time because I can see all my suppliers in one place. I can easily see their latest products available on my phone which makes it really easy to place orders.”

Jonathan Williams

Head Chef,

Nest Kitchen + Bar


App on a smartphone showing a news feed with a news post about limes coming into season.

News feed
Get the latest intel, but only when you need it.

Suppliers post product news into the app so you keep up to date.

Important product updates

Keep up to date in real time with seasonal changes, new products and other important supplier updates.


Create a ‘special of the day’ based on deals from your suppliers.

Only when you want it

Stop getting hassled at the wrong time and get important product news only when you want it.

“The daily news posts gives me instant access to what fish is available for the next day and what fresh produce has come into season. I no longer have to call, saving both me and the suppliers time and energy.”

Taylor Annals

Head Chef,

Egmont St Eatery


Find premium local growers (and brewers and hunters and catchers...)

We’re passionate about supporting local growers, producers, catchers and wholesalers of any size. You’ll be able to find and connect with them right from your phone, like Prime Limes, The Mushroom House, The Brothers’ Coldpress Juice or St Andrews Limes.

App on a smartphone showing different food supplier companies.

Hyper-local sourcing

Find and connect with local suppliers right from your phone.


Scroll through the marketplace of suppliers from your phone when it suits you.

Hear the stories

Learn about each supplier’s story – their background, philosophies, product provenance and environmental practices.

“It's a great platform to source new suppliers from all over New Zealand.”

Bert van de Steeg

Owner & Head Chef,


 (Havelock North)

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