Group your customers

Sort your customers into groups so you can easily manage your orders.

How customer groups work

Customer groups belong in a ‘set’. You can have multiple sets, and multiple groups within each set. This means you have flexibility to organise your customers in different ways for different purposes.

Example: Multiple sets & groups

Joe usually organises his customers based on their location, but sometimes he also needs to prioritise them based on their customer value. He does this by creating two sets, Region and Priority.

Region (Set)
North (Group) Cool Cafe
Excellent Eatery
South (Group) Delicious Diner
Rad Restaurant
Priority (Set)
High priority (Group) Rad Restaurant
Excellent Eatery
Default (Group) Cool Cafe
Delicious Diner

Customers can only belong to one group per set. For example, Cool Cafe has been assigned to the group ‘North’ in the set ‘Region’. It cannot also be added to the group ‘South’.


A set has multiple groups within it. You might create a set to organise your customers by their region, delivery run, priority, or the types of products you offer them.


Groups belong in a set. Customers can be assigned to only one group per set. Note, customers will not be able to see the customer group(s) they are assigned to.

Set up customer groups

Add a new set

  • Open Customer groups, under the Settings link in the sidebar.
  • Click the Add new set button at the top right of the page.
  • Give the set a name, such as ‘Region’ or ‘Delivery run’. You can label some of the groups within this set in this window (and add more if you need by clicking ‘Add another group’). You can add or edit these groups later.
  • Click Done.

Assign customers to a group

  • Open the group by clicking its name in the left column.
  • Click Edit at the top right of the page.
  • Click Add another customer and add each customer by using the ‘Add’ button. Click ‘Done’ to close this window.
  • Click Save.

Add groups to existing set

  • Click the ‘+’ icon next to the set name in the left column.
  • Type in the new group’s name on the right side of the page.
  • Add customers by clicking the Add another customer button, or leave it blank for now.
  • Click Save.

Filter orders by customer group

  • On the Orders page, you will see a filter button show for each set you’ve added. (Note, only groups which have customers assigned to it will appear.)
  • Click on the filter button and choose a group. Now, only orders placed by customers assigned to this group will show.
  • To remove the filter (and show all of the orders again), click the ‘x’ on the filter button.
A filter for each customer group is visible on the Orders page.

Group your customers