Delivery rules & cut-off times

Share your delivery days and cut-off times with your customers so you get accurate orders.

Set your delivery days & cut-off times

  • Go to Settings -> Delivery days.
  • Make sure Enable delivery days & times is ticked.
  • Tick each day of the week which you deliver.
  • For each selected delivery day, specify its cut-off time. For example, if you deliver on Mondays and the cut-off time is 10pm the day before, set the cut-off time to 10pm on Sunday.
  • Optionally, you can edit the cut-off time message shown to customers. See below for more detail.
  • Click Save.

Cut-off time message

Your customers can still place orders after your cut-off time, but they are given a warning before they place an order. This gives you the option to squeeze late orders in if you’re able to. If not, your customers have been warned and you can edit the delivery date on their order.

Delivery rules & cut-off times